In 2007, Mike Sabag, CEO of Saryna Key™, revealed the beauty benefits of pure African shea butter to the world. It was clear to Mike that shea butter was a uniquely wonderful raw material. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, natural keratin, antioxidants, and amino acids. A supplier in South Africa introduced Mike to Saryna Commodore, an experienced anthropologist. She spent most of her adult life in Africa, volunteering in the villages of indigenous people while studying their culture and lifestyle.


During her years in Africa, Saryna studied the shea nut and its medicinal properties. She observed the various day-to-day uses of the shea nut by the women in the villages and noticed how it transformed their skin and hair. Shea butter was an integral part of their lives and a common solution to many ailments. It was then that she understood the value of the African shea nut.


Our first conversation sailed into the worlds of creativity and imagination. It became a mutual desire to develop and reveal to the world the value and gifts of shea butter” says Mike.

Together we completed the final mission of her research by formulating a series of hair products that are both cosmetic and medicinal. Thus, Saryna Key™ was born. The name Saryna Key™ refers to “Saryna's key for health and beauty.”

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