Mike Sabag, founder of Saryna Key™ and the original Moroccanoil , began developing hair products at 28 years old. According to Mike, the 10 years spent formulating and marketing hair products “have shaped, refined and solidified my global perspective of new concepts in the cosmetic world


In 2004, Mike created his first Argan oil-enriched hair products. At that time, there was no other hair oil product on the market. Forever changing the way hair products were create and sold, Mike released the original Moroccanoil.

The signature glass bottle mimics pharmaceutical bottles, symbolizing the original Moroccanoil commitment to hair health and beauty in one product. Shortly after the original Moroccanoil was sold, Mike turned his attention to shea butter and its beauty benefits.

For Saryna Key™, our highest priority is product quality. As Mike was the first to recognize the benefits of the Argan oil in the original  Moroccanoil, he was also the first to recognize the benefits of shea butter. The natural keratin properties extracted from the nut have made Saryna Key™ a leader in the cosmetic world.

Our faith is a constant reminder that no matter how talented and creative we are, we must always thank the creator for the gifts and clues He leaves for us to discover. That is why both the original Moroccanoil and Saryna Key™ packaging have “IN GOD WE TRUST” scribed in Hebrew on the front. We would like to thank Mr. Ofer Tal, the new owner of the original Moroccanoil, for understanding and continuing our traditions on all the original Moroccanoil products

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